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Wedding Day Surprises for Your Groom

Congratulations on your big day! You have been looking forward to this occasion for what seems like forever, and it is finally here. You already have everything planned but adding one of these extra-special touches is a great way to start your marital journey. Whether you’ll see your groom at the first look or when you are walking down the aisle, give him something to reminisce on for years to come. Planning a surprise for your groom is the perfect way to add an extra spark to your special day. Check out the fun ideas below!

A Sole-ful Note 

Use a permanent marker to jot down a short note on the bottom of his wedding shoes. Ensure the best man and photographer are aware of the message so they can ensure he does not put his shoes on too early, smudging your note and making it illegible. Consider adding an inside joke or simply remind your groom how much you love him and how excited you are for the ceremony.

A Reminder on the Wrist

Personalized cuff links have come a long way! Your groom can wear these custom cuff links on your special day as a tribute to your marriage, and he will surely appreciate them for years to come. For a traditional approach, engrave your initials on them or even the date of your wedding. Alternatively, look into themed links that match his interests (golf balls, footballs, Yoda – the options are limitless).

A Sneak Peek

Recruit your Maid of Honor or another trusted friend to “sneak” some Polaroids over to your groom! Give him a sneak peek of your dress, hair, or makeup. Close up pics will give him a hint of your overall look without spoiling the big reveal. This surprise is also one you can look back on together as you celebrate your anniversary. A Hidden Detail While engraved wedding bands have become “popular,” this trend is one that only you and your spouse must know about. Have your wedding bands engraved. Engrave a short message or the date of your wedding on the interior of your groom’s ring. Alternatively, rings can now be engraved with your fingerprint, but be sure to speak to a trusted jeweler for any of these options.

A Patch to Tie it All Together

If your groom is planning to wear a tie during your nuptials, this one could be the perfect option. Hire a seamstress or even go the DIY route for this surprise. A tie patch can be as simple as a piece of heart-shaped material stitched onto the underside of his tie or as elaborate as an embroidered message added to the swatch. It will give him an important reminder of your love and is something he can wear for other future events.

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day to remember, so make it even more special by including one of these surprises that will create long-lasting memories for you and your groom. Start planning your perfect wedding today. Email the Club at for more information about our wedding venue. We cannot wait to be a part of your special day.

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